Day 6: Of New Beginnings

There’s something about beginnings that always got me excited.

The crack of dawn. The first note of a song I really love. The flyleaf of a book I have been wanting to read. The opening credits of a movie I have memorized to heart. And of course, the first bite. Always the first bite.

It’s the discovery that draws me in. Knowing that I am about to experience something I have never experienced before is electric. Sure, I will pout and tantrum my way through a change cause I like my life to be as bump-free as possible. But deep inside, I live for the thrill of the new.

The past two months have been full of that. I am just in awe on how God orchestrated these new beginnings.  I still pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming.

Beginning #1 – Working at CCF

I spent half of last year wrestling with the decision to work full-time at CCF. (See Day 4.)

I knew God called me to serve him full-time but I dilly dallied. I didn’t want to obey. My friends had to drag me to submit my resume.

I had all these excuses. Me, a church worker? Seriously?! Aren’t church workers Super Christians who are Mr. and Ms. Nice 24/7? I am the total opposite of that. I am a mess. I don’t have my life together. I am definitely Ms. Tantrums 24/7. I am so not the church worker type. Besides, I tanked the interview. I knew the minute I stepped out of the room that I wasn’t the person they were looking for.

That literally brought me to my knees. Rejection was a hard pill to swallow. Especially since I knew that I was obeying God’s call. I sought and begged and cried God for answers but He remained silent. It was during those months of silence that God showed me how full of myself I was. He showed me that it isn’t what I can do but what He can do through me that mattered. He was more concerned on the shaping my character rather than me getting the job.

I started working in CCF last March 1 and it has been a blast. The team I am working with are all passionate on making Him known. It is such a privilege and honor to work with them. We have a lot planned for the upcoming months so it will surely be very busy. Bring it on, I say. I am looking forward to the busyness. And who knew that I will be back doing production work?

My "organized" desk. Yep, this 26-year-old has toys on her desk.

My “organized” desk c/o Sam Noel. Yep, this 26-year-old has toys on her desk.

Beginning #2 – These pretties!

I have always been fearful about starting my own Dgroup. After all, how could someone as broken as me disciple anyone? I didn’t feel I was ready or good enough. But God had been putting the burden in my heart more and more over the last few months. God has also been showing me more and more how He used ordinary, broken people for His glory.

When Pastor Joey challenged me to start my own Skypleship Dgroup, I mumbled a quick prayer to God before saying yes. I told God that I am afraid that the girls that will sign up will not have anything in common with me (I am a weirdo, after all.). I prayed that He gives me ladies that I can minister to. He answered by giving me J, Louise and Shiela.

Pretties! 😀

We had our first meeting last Monday and it was so fun! The girls are such dolls! We have lots in common. I am looking forward to our walk with God together.

Beginning #3 – The best beginning ever!

We happened. <3

We happened. ❤

1 month, 12 days and counting. (giddy dance)

Michael’s my best friend and superhero all rolled into one! I am really blessed to have him in my life.

P.S. Remember Day 1? 😛

Lamentations 3:22-24

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”

The Lord has shown His faithfulness to me in more ways than one over the past two months. I have nothing on my lips but praise. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. His love is amazing. I am excited to spend the rest of my life serving Him. 🙂


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